I’m andrew montagu,
a strategic business growth facilitator

I craft success strategies for B2B entrepreneurs operating in highly competitive industries.
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For many businesses there is no problem more painful than low sales

Like many small business entrepreneurs, you started off with big ambitions. You did what it took, worked around the clock, and loved every minute of it. And you had some great wins.

But over time, things changed. Your revenue plateaued. The competitive landscape grew. Your entrepreneurial spirit took a hit and your outlook went from confident to uncertain. And it all became much harder.

Now you’re concerned that sales are falling, and frustrated that you can’t turn things around. You feel disconnected from your business – and your current revenue doesn’t give you the means to even work out a plan.

What if I could show you a different way of working to get your business back on track for success?

I’m Andrew Montagu, a strategic business growth facilitator. I help entrepreneurs like you shake up the status quo and reposition their business on track for success. To stop the overwhelm, the distractions and the struggles – and the stress and anxiety that riddle each day.

To spearhead a new approach that empowers them, and inspires others. That delivers tangible results. Would that make a difference to you and your business?
Our true potential is realised only when we present our authentic imperfect self to the world – when we stand out to be seen

Discover how to reset your business – and get that winning feeling back

First, I’m not here to motivate you. You don’t need motivation, because you are your greatest differentiator. It’s not your product or service and its features. It’s not price. It’s YOU!

Second, I don’t use a cookie-cutter approach, nor do I make false claims of skyrocketing your results x 10.  

I help you to create new possibilities. To redefine yourself, your business, and your sales offering. To discover how to reset your business and get that winning feeling back.

The results are powerful. And so is the impact on your bottom line.

Amplify sales, profits and growth

I’ll use a proven methodology to help you amplify your sales, profits and growth through insights, strategy and action.

I’ll show you how to develop a sales proposition that makes you impossible to ignore. How to multiply your revenue by re-engaging current and past customers. To access bigger opportunities and break into hard-to-reach companies. And to reinstall your purpose, drive and joy back into your business.
“Together we examine what’s possible. The results can be astounding.
The relief can be invigorating.”

my signature program

My signature program, The BOLD Pitch, will take you from frustrated, struggling and worried about revenue, to feeling confident and inspired by new opportunities that start to rush your way.

You’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’ll reach those financial targets because you have the right strategy to do it.
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